About Us The Group

Established in 1960 by Samir Rahal, Rahal Holding began operating in the Retail sector, and by 1990, Rahal Holding acquired over 25 retail outlets. Hereafter, the group decided to expand its knowledge through acquiring new businesses and initiating new concepts Continuously working together to further expand the diversity already available in our business ventures.

Today, Rahal Holding, along with its subsidiary companies, operate in several regions covering numerous markets. It has grown to be a key player, maintaining its mission to achieve the highest standards in quality and excellence in all aspects of the business in which they operate. Among other ventures, Rahal Holding has also embarked into the Hospitality and Food & Beverage industries. Providing the market with the highest quality in services and entertainment, we plan to further expand our reach to other Middle Eastern countries as well as other regions in the near future. Our expertise and ability to work in diverse areas allow us to take on new challenges wherever they may be presented.

With over 2000 families working within the group, its presence in Kuwait, Lebanon and the United Arab Emirates furthers our business expansion within the Middle East. We are enthusiastic to lead Rahal Holding forward on a path that follows a clear strategy regarding future successes. With the perception that it is a lucrative time for us to continuously participate in the international arena, which is shaped by dynamic market developments and competitive forces.

Our Mission

As a group with a diversified portfolio, our mission is to provide exceptional quality in our products and services within the numerous fields in which we operate, while continuously meeting to our clients’ needs and aiming to ensure successful outcomes.